.Net SDK's v10.2 has been released!!! What's new?

  • Added IKSProperty set interface support for video capture devices

  • SDK's now based on .Net 4.5

  • SDS's now have AnyCPU only. To get x86 app set "Prefer 32 bit" option in your project settings

  • Added ASIO source devices support

  • Added GPU-based video effects. You can set custom DirectX pixel shader to get your own video effect

  • Added Timeshift support to Video Capture SDK

  • Added OnNetworkSourceDisconnect event to Video Capture SDK. Event fired if IP camera disconnected from source

  • Updated MKV output

  • Added Seamless Playback Demo to Media Player SDK

  • Added Zoom option to multiscreen

  • Added Microsoft Kinect 2 support

  • Added sharpen effect

  • OnDeviceLost event in Video Capture SDK replaced by OnDeviceRemoved event, OnDeviceAdded event added

  • FastEdit supported in x64 build

  • Added TimeStamp video effect (based on TextLogo effect)

  • Added Mode property to Text Logo class. Now you can draw text, current date/time, frame timestamp or number

  • Audio_OutputDevice property can be set to "NULL" (string) to have audio sample grabber and VU-meter with disabled rendering to real audio output device

  • Filter_Exists_Matroska_Muxer method renamed to Filter_Supported_Matroska_Muxer

  • Added deinterlace support for EVR

  • Added Video Capture and TV Tuning console demos

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