News and product updates in 2021

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.1 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.1 introduces cross-platform support with Android for the Media Player SDK .Net and plans for iOS/macOS by December. It disables Sentry debug messages in the console, adds Icecast streaming, and updates the `VideoStreamInfo.FrameRate` property to `VideoFrameRate`. The WPF VideoView has improved IP camera stream playback. Significant API changes merge several components into `VisioForge.Core`, and the audio effect API now uses string names. A new GStreamer-based cross-platform engine supports Windows and other platforms in this development cycle.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.0 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.0 introduces significant API changes, dividing the main controls into Core and VideoView parts. The SDK no longer has separate TRIAL and FULL versions, removing the `SDK_State` property

Developers are advised to replace UI controls with `VideoView` and rename core classes (e.g., `VideoCaptureCore`) to match previously used UI control names. This change enables support for additional UI platforms such as UWP, MAUI, Eco, and Avalonia.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v14.3 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 14.3 includes several important updates and improvements. A critical issue with the Video Resize filter creation for NuGet redistributions has been resolved, and telemetry has been updated. The `VFDirectCaptureMP4Output` output has also been updated. This release adds support for .Net 6 (preview) and removes Nvidia CUDA, recommending NVENC as the modern alternative for H264/HEVC encoding.

The IP camera MJPEG Low Latency engine has been updated, and NDI source listing has been improved. ONVIF support has seen enhancements, and .Net Core 3.1 support has been added for the RTSP Low Latency source engine. Issues with Picture-in-Picture for 2x2 mode have been resolved. The project and solutions have been split into independent files for .Net Framework 4.7.2, .Net Core 3.1, .Net 5, and .Net 6, facilitating better organization and compatibility.

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VisioForge .Net SDKs v14.2 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 14.2 brings several updates and fixes. The issue with audio stream capture when using the Virtual Camera SDK output has been resolved. The `VFMP4v8v10Output` has been replaced with `VFMP4Output`. A new `CanStart` method has been added to `Video_CaptureDevicesInfo` items, which checks if a device can start and is not being used exclusively by another application.

The `ONVIFControl` now supports async/await API, enhancing its asynchronous capabilities. An issue with incorrect ColorKey processing in the Text Overlay video effect has been fixed. Forced frame rate support has been added for the RTSP Low Latency IP camera source. The MP4v11 AMD encoders have been updated, and a timestamp issue during MP4v11 separate capture pause/resume has been resolved.

The FFMPEG.exe network streaming and output have been updated to the latest FFMPEG version. The VC++ redistributable is no longer required to be installed, as VC++ linking has been changed to static, except for the optional XIPH output. Additionally, many base DirectShow filters have been moved to the `VisioForge_BaseFilters` module.

Check the changelog.

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