News and product updates in 2023

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.7 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.7 has been released with several enhancements and fixes. This release includes support for .Net 8 across all SDKs.

Key improvements in the Video Capture SDK .Net include resolving issues with the `OnNetworkSourceDisconnect` event being called twice, fixing audio source format settings in VideoCaptureCoreX, and addressing WPF native rendering issues with pop-up windows. The Start/StartAsync method in VideoCaptureCore now returns false if the video capture device is already being used by another application.

X-engines have been updated with new MPEG-2 video and MP2 audio encoders, DNxHD video encoder support, and changes to default VP8/VP9 settings for live recording. Decklink enumeration issues have been resolved.

Cross-platform SDKs benefit from updates to the Decklink source, resolving incorrect device name issues, and the Overlay Manager, now featuring an `OverlayManagerDateTime` class for drawing current date and custom text. Additionally, SkiaSharp security updates and issues with the System.Drawing.Bitmap usage in `OverlayManagerImage` has been resolved.

Support for Avalonia 11.0.5 has been added, along with updates to the VLC source (libVLC 3.0.19) and FFMPEG sources and encoders, which address issues with missing MSVC dependencies. The ONVIF engine has also been updated.

Finally, the update improves the FFMPEG.exe output in VideoCaptureCore, enhancing support for x264 and x265 encoders in custom FFMPEG builds, and resolves a rare crash issue with WinUI VideoView.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.6 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.6 introduces numerous enhancements and new features. Video Capture SDK sees improved video crop performance on modern CPUs and introduces a new video overlays API, with related demos showing its usage. The update also improves hardware encoder detection for systems with multiple GPUs. The Avalonia VideoView has been updated to resolve issues with its recreation.

Media Player SDK includes changes such as resolving startup issues on Android and adding new methods for video stream selection. Performance improvements for 4K and 8K videos in WPF rendering have been implemented across all SDKs. Various issues, including video crop problems and multiple outputs in VideoCaptureCoreX, have been resolved.

New demos and support for features like NDI streaming, madVR, and multiple audio tracks are included. The update also adds several new classes and methods, such as VNC source support and AI-based video resizing using Nvidia Maxine SDK. The Media Blocks SDK adds new OpenCV blocks, NDI source and sink blocks, and additional video encoders like rav1e AV1 and GIF.

Improvements to memory playback, VU meter issues, and enhanced support for WASAPI 2 are also part of this release. The SDKs now support async disposal with the IAsyncDisposable interface and have resolved various detection and playback issues. New features like KLV data handling, MJPEG network streaming, and enhanced media block functionalities further extend the capabilities of the SDKs. Finally, the update includes a range of stability and performance enhancements across different platforms and components.

Check the changelog.

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