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VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.9 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.9 has been released with several updates and new features. Notable improvements include the resolution of video aspect ratio issues, updates to the GStreamer redistribution, and the addition of support for Basler USB3/GigE cameras. The Video Edit SDK .Net now utilizes SkiaSharp-based font settings for the TextOverlay class, allowing for custom font configurations. Stream support has been added to the MediaInfoReader on Windows, enabling video/audio file information retrieval from various sources.

The Live Video Compositor engine has been updated for better file source support, and a camera-covered detector has been introduced in the Video Capture SDK's Computer Vision Demo. New APIs have been added for snapshot retrieval from video files, and iOS support is now included in MAUI samples. Memory leaks in RTSP sources have been resolved, and the Media Player SDK now supports data streams in video files using the FFMPEG source engine.

Additional features include custom FFMPEG options for IP cameras, the resolution of network connection issues with FFMPEG sources, RTSP MultiView support in the Media Blocks SDK, and support for FLIR/Teledyne cameras using the Spinnaker SDK. The Video Edit SDK now supports .Net Stream usage as an input source, and .Net 7 support has been reintroduced to the MAUI package. The IAsyncDisposable interface has been added to all core classes for asynchronous disposal.

Other updates address video capture issues on Android, add HLS streaming samples, and resolve crashes related to multiscreen setups. Improvements in MAUI video rendering speed, media playback issues, and webcam source connectivity have been made. Audio playback issues and bad audio mixing have been resolved, and the Media Player SDK now supports growing MPEG-TS files for the VLC engine.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.8 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.8 has been released, bringing several notable changes and improvements. Key updates include significant API changes, such as requiring the use of `DeviceEnumerator.Shared` for device enumeration and additional initialization steps for X-engines. Android Activity is no longer necessary for SDK engine creation.

Windows users will see improved MAUI video rendering performance and a new mouse highlight feature for screen capture sources. Various bug fixes have been implemented, including resolving issues with Avalonia VideoView resizing, special character passwords for RTSP sources, and a memory leak in the OverlayManager.

The update introduces properties for setting start and stop positions in UniversalSourceSettings and adds events to notify about device additions/removals in the DeviceEnumerator. Custom error handler support has been added for several engines, and there are new properties for setting custom audio filters for Virtual Camera SDK outputs in various components.

New features include NDI streaming support in VideoCaptureCoreX and additional media blocks in the Media Blocks SDK, such as BufferSink and CustomMediaBlock classes. Video frame cropping capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of VideoCropBlock and VideoAspectRatioCropBlock. The update also includes support for WASAPI audio renderer in the VideoCaptureCore engine and updates to the Tempo audio effect. Overall, this release focuses on enhancing performance, fixing critical issues, and adding new functionalities to the .Net SDKs.

Check the changelog.

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