Video capture, editing and playback SDKs

VisioForge provides video and audio frameworks for software developers.

Our software is designed to enable the creation of applications that can capture video from various sources. It supports video recording from webcams and IP cameras compatible with popular protocols like ONVIF, RTSP, and HTTP, as well as from camcorders and PC screens. The software saves these videos in widely used formats such as MP4, WebM, and AVI.

Regarding video editing, the software provides functionalities to change video format and resolution, along with the ability to rotate and crop video files. It supports common video formats for playback, leveraging both system codecs and robust multi-codec solutions like FFMPEG integrated with VLC. This ensures a robust playback experience across various formats.

During video capture, editing, or playback, the software offers the capability to add audio and video effects and transitions and also includes features like motion detection and snapshot capture.

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Capture video from webcams, IP cameras, camcorders, screens, or professional video editing cards and save it in formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and WebM.


Convert, edit, and process the various video and audio formats (MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, and others). Add image and text overlays. Edit tags.
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Play various video and audio formats (MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, etc.) or network streams (RTSP/HLS/HTTP/UDP). Add image and text overlays.


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Senior I.T. Systems Engineer
"We are a call center and use the VisioForge control to record 100% of our agents while they are in call. This product is easier to use, works better, and with Roman providing both responsive and amazing support it has changed our recording solution for the better. Thanks!!"
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.NET developer, Xminds Solutions
"I really liked your Video Edit SDK .Net, the wonderful features it supports like the audio mixing. And yes the client support is another excellent thing considering the fact that extreme development like video processing will need good support where you meet all the needs."
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UniteCast Lead Developer
"Video Capture SDK .NET is an outstanding package for developing video-centric applications in Visual Studio. VisioForge’s framework far surpassed the features available in other third-party SDK’s. VF has managed to provide an extremely robust solution, that integrates perfectly with current and emerging video standards."


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The SDKs currently support the following platforms

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7 and later
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11 and later
x64 and ARM64 architectures
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including Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson
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12 and later
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11 and later
You can run the same code on multiple platforms using modern cross-platform frameworks such as MAUI and Avalonia.


We have both high-level SDKs for developing applications in C#, VB.Net and Delphi, and low-level SDKs for developing in C++. Xamarin, MAUI, or Avalonia frameworks can be used to write cross-platform .Net applications.
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Leveraging VisioForge's multimedia SDKs can enable the development of various innovative applications. Here are some ideas:

Video conferencing software

Create a state-of-the-art video conferencing application with VisioForge video and audio frameworks for developers, offering high-definition video and crystal-clear audio capabilities. Incorporate features like customizable virtual backgrounds, noise cancellation, and augmented reality filters for a more engaging meeting experience. Allow for interactive elements such as real-time screen sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and session recording. Design the interface for ease of use, ensuring smooth setup and connection even for users with minimal technical expertise. Include advanced security protocols to ensure confidential meetings remain private, making it an ideal solution for corporate, educational, and personal use.

Security surveillance systems

Develop a comprehensive security surveillance system using VisioForge frameworks. This system could feature real-time video processing with support for multiple camera inputs, offering comprehensive coverage and high-resolution footage. Implement advanced AI algorithms for facial recognition, motion detection, and anomaly alerts to enhance security measures. The system could also include features like night vision compatibility, automatic incident recording, and instant alerts to security personnel or law enforcement. Ensure easy scalability to accommodate varying sizes of premises, from small retail stores to large industrial complexes.

Live streaming platforms

Utilize VisioForge SDKs to build a robust live streaming platform, capable of handling high-quality video and audio streams. This platform could support multi-camera setups, allowing for dynamic angle switching during live events. Integrate real-time video effects and transitions for a professional broadcast feel. Implement adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure optimal viewing experience across different devices and internet speeds. Include features for viewer interaction like live chats, polls, and Q&A sessions. Offer monetization options such as pay-per-view, subscriptions, or advertising. Provide detailed analytics for content creators to track viewer engagement and optimize their broadcasts.

Video editing suites

Develop a comprehensive video editing suite with video and audio frameworks for developers, catering to both amateur and professional editors. This suite could offer multi-track editing, various video effects, color correction, and audio mixing tools. Includes advanced features like chroma keying, motion tracking, and 3D editing capabilities. Ensure support for various file formats and high-resolution video output. Design the interface intuitive yet powerful, with customizable workflows and shortcuts for efficient editing.

Custom media players

Build specialized media players with adaptive streaming, support for niche formats, and customizable interfaces. Tailor features for specific user needs in various contexts like education, entertainment, or professional use. Offer unique functionalities like enhanced accessibility options, playlist management, and integration with content libraries.

To get sample applications, please visit our GitHub.

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