• Video Capture SDK
    .Net / Delphi / ActiveX

    SDK that integrates video capturing and processing functions into software. Implements video and audio playback and capture from a broad range of sources including TV tuners, USB web cams, DV/HDV camcorders, PCI capture cards and IP cameras. Supports AVI, WMV, DV, MPEG-1/2, MP4, FLV and WebM output formats.
    .Net SDK Delphi / ActiveX SDK
  • Video Edit SDK
    .Net / Delphi / ActiveX

    SDK allows programmers to easily integrate video editing and processing capabilities into their software applications. Also you can create your own movie out of any audio and video files. You can add various effects to it and transition effects between tracks. supports the most popular video formats, such as AVI and Windows Media Video, a free format with wide features - Matroska, the most popular Internet format - Flash Video (FLV) and MPEG-1/2/4 using FFMPEG encoder.
    .Net SDK Delphi / ActiveX SDK
  • Media Player SDK
    .Net / Delphi / ActiveX

    SDK allows programmers to easily integrate video, audio and DVD playback into their software applications. It also allows you to draw overlay bitmap and text over the video with effects. DirectShow (system codecs), FFMPEG and VLC engines are available.
    .Net SDK Delphi / ActiveX SDK
  • Virtual Camera SDK

    SDK allows to play video file, web camera, camcorder or any other video source to virtual video capture device. Multiple video capture device instances can be used in several applications, that's allow you to use your real video capture device in several applications.
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  • Video Encryption SDK

    SDK allows to encode video into MP4 H264 / AAC format and encrypt it using password or binary data. SDK contains DirectShow filters that can be used in any DirectShow application with interfaces implemented to set filter parameters.
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  • Video Fingerprinting SDK

    Our state-of-the-art video fingerprinting technology incorporates the latest advances in scene analysis, object tracking, and motion estimation to analyze the content of any video in order to identify its unique characteristics, such as colors, scene structure, and the motion of objects. This allows a copy of the video to be identified despite changes in resolution, bit-rate, method of encoding, or file format. The video can even be detected when it is included inside another video or when just a fragment of the video is reproduced.
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 .Net Framework

Microsoft .Net Windows Forms and WPF native controls.



Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero Delphi packages.

Supported technologies



Visual C++, Visual Basic, Embarcadero C++ Builder, PowerPoint, etc.


 Visual Basic 6

Full VB6 support. Full featured demo applications.



 Apple Mac OS X

Apple Mac OS X Mavericks and later / XCode Cocoa.


 Windows RT

Usage in x86/x64/ARM Windows RT applications.

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Our customers



We are a call center and use the visioforge control to record 100% of our agents while they are in call. This product is easier to use, works better, and with Roman providing both responsive and amazing support it has changed our recording solution for the better. Thanks!!

Andrew Parisio I Senior I.T. Systems Engineer
I really liked your Video Edit SDK, the wonderful features it supports like the audio mixing. And yes the client support is another excellent thing considering the fact that extream development like video prosessing will need good support where you meet all the needs.

Santhosh V., .NET developer, Xminds Solutions
Video Capture SDK .NET is an outstanding package for developing video-centric applications in Visual Studio. VisioForge's framework far surpassed the features available in other third-party SDK's. VF has managed to provide an extremely robust solution, that integrates perfectly with current and emerging video standards.

Jeremy Littler - UniteCast - Lead Developer


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