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VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.5 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.5 has been released with several new features and updates. This version includes support for .Net 7 and introduces a range of enhancements across various SDK components.

In the Video Capture SDK .Net, a NetworkDisconnect event has been added to the MJPEG Low Latency IP camera engine, and the `OnRTSPLowLatencyRAWFrame` event allows retrieval of RAW frames from RTSP streams using the RTSP Low Latency engine. The VideoEditCoreX engine now supports Linux-based demos and features a new AutoTransitions property. Additionally, there is improved compatibility with Snap Camera for MP4 HW encoding and support for multiple Decklink outputs in both Video Capture and Video Edit SDKs.

For cross-platform APIs, `System.Drawing.Rectangle` and `System.Drawing.Size` types have been replaced by `VisioForge.Types.Rectangle` and `VisioForge.Types.Size`. The update also brings MAUI samples (BETA) and enhanced online licensing.

The Media Player SDK .Net has been upgraded with segment support in its cross-platform engine, a Playlist API for the Windows-only engine, and GPU HW decoding for the VLC engine. Issues with reverse playback, the `MediaPlayerCore.Video_Renderer_SetCustomWindowHandle` method, and WPF HighDPI applications using EVR have been resolved. Additionally, the Media Player SDK now supports previous frame playback in its cross-platform engine.

The Media Blocks SDK .Net has added a WPF Screen Capture Demo, while ONVIFControl and related APIs are now available across all platforms. There has been an API-breaking change, with the frame rate type changing from double to `VideoFrameRate` in all APIs.

Other improvements include a new Camera Light demo, updated handling of the "rtsp_source_create_audio_resampler" call in the RTSP Low Latency engine for Video Capture SDK .Net, and enhanced segments support in the Media Player SDK. These updates collectively enhance functionality, compatibility, and performance across the various .Net SDKs.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.4 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.4 has been released, bringing a host of updates and new features. This release addresses several issues and introduces enhancements across various components.

Key updates include resolving the issue with the `Play_PauseAtFirstFrame` property being ignored, and improvements to HighDPI support in WinForms samples and for the Direct2D video renderer. The ONVIFControl class has been enhanced with new APIs: `GetDeviceCapabilities` and `GetMediaEndpoints`.

The issue of forced reencoding when joining FFMPEG files without reencoding has been resolved. The update also includes a Sentry update and adds video interpolation settings for Zoom and Pan video effects.

Support for the GtkSharp UI framework for video rendering has been added, and the FastEdit API has been changed to async. Additionally, a screen flip issue related to the `Video_Effects_AllowMultipleStreams` property in the Video Capture SDK .Net core has been resolved.

The RTSP MultiView demo has been updated to include GPU decoding and access to RAW streams. New features include an `OnLoop` event in the Media Player SDK .Net and a Loop feature in the Media Blocks SDK .Net.

Due to issues with Avalonia UI and NativeControl, Avalonia VideoView has been downgraded to version 0.10.12. A new File Encryptor demo has been added to the Video Edit SDK .Net, providing an example of how to encrypt video files.

Overall, this release enhances functionality, resolves critical issues, and introduces new features to improve the user experience across the .Net SDKs.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.3 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.3 has been released with a range of enhancements and optimizations. Key improvements include a reduction in app start-up time for PCs equipped with Decklink cards and support for NDI SDK v5. An issue with MKV Legacy output causing wrong cast exceptions has been resolved.

Performance optimizations have been made to zoom and pan effects, and a basic Media Blocks API has been introduced, though it is still a work in progress. The Video Edit SDK .Net now supports HLS network streaming.

In WPF VideoView, a new Rotate property has been added, allowing video rotation by 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Users can also use the `GetImageLayer()` method to retrieve the Image layer for applying custom transforms.

An API change has renamed `FilterHelpers` to `FilterDialogHelper`. The `VisioForge.Types` and `VisioForge.MediaFramework` assemblies have been merged into `VisioForge.Core`, and UI classes have been moved to `VisioForge.Core.UI.*` assemblies and independent NuGet packages. Additionally, `VisioForge.Types` has been renamed to `VisioForge.Core.Types`, and `VisioForge.Core` no longer depends on the Windows Forms framework.

These updates collectively enhance performance, streamline the API, and expand functionality across the .Net SDKs.

Check the changelog.

VisioForge .Net SDKs v15.2 has been released


The .Net SDKs version 15.2 has been released, featuring several new additions and improvements. Key updates include the addition of `HorizontalAlignment` and `VerticalAlignment` properties for text and image logos, which allow for better customization and positioning.

ONVIF support has been updated, resolving issues related to username and password specifications in URLs without corresponding source settings. RTSP support for IP cameras has been improved, ensuring more reliable connections and performance.

Issues with the FFMPEG.exe output dialog and separate capture in service applications have been resolved. The SDK has migrated from NewtonsoftJson to System.Text.Json for better performance and modern serialization support.

The DirectCapture output for IP cameras has been updated, and a new DirectCapture ASF output option has been added. The `IPCameraSourceSettings.URL` property type has been changed from string to `System.Uri`, promoting better handling of URL types.

Video and audio effects have been updated, and overall video processing performance optimizations have been implemented. Various bug fixes and performance improvements further enhance the stability and efficiency of the SDK.

Overall, this release focuses on enhancing functionality, improving performance, and resolving critical issues across the .Net SDKs.

Check the changelog.

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