.Net SDK's v10.1 has been released!!! What's new?

  • Added IKSProperty set interface support for video capture devices

  • Added custom Logitech interface for web cams to turn on/off LED, control face tracking, etc.

  • Updated LAME encoder, resolved issue with low bitrates for mono audio

  • Updated encryption engine (bugfix)

  • Added FFMPEG.exe x265 custom preset support

  • Added Push Source engine to Video Capture SDK .Net (BETA)

  • YUV2RGB filter now support HDYC format

  • Added installer for Visual Studio Toolbox

  • Added latest Decklink drivers support

  • Made file size optimization for Virtual Camera and Network Streaming filters

  • DVD playback menu position correct handling in Media Player SDK .Net

  • DVD playback blink issue resolved

  • Added IIS Smooth Streaming using FFMPEG.exe

  • Added nVidia NVENC H264 encoder for MP4 output, to encode video much faster if you have nVidia GPU

  • Removed nVidia CUDA encoder from demo apps (not from SDK), replaced by NVENC

  • Added x64 VLC source for Media Player SDK and Video Capture SDK

  • Updated channel order audio effect

  • Updated audio mixer

  • Added audio channel mapper filter. You can set custom channels amount and map any source channel to any output channel

  • Updated What You Hear filter

  • Added latency settings for VLC engine in Video Capture SDK

  • Added "disabled" parameter to PIP_Sources_SetSourceSettings to disable selected stream

  • Added PIP_Sources_SetSourceOrder method to specify video stream rendering order

  • Added subtitles support (from external file) to Video Edit SDK

  • Added Audio_PCM_Converter property to Video Capture SDK. You can set custom sample rate, channels count and BPS before audio processing

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