New product! Video Capture SDK for iOS has been released!

Video Capture SDK for iOS allows to preview and capture video from front and back iPhone / iPad cameras. MP4 output format supported. You can add image and text overlay, apply a lot of video effects, perform denoise and deinterlace.

VisioForge Video Capture SDK for iOS major features include:

  • Preview
  • Video capture to
  • MP4 (using H264 / AAC codecs)
  • Audio capture to
  • AAC
  • PCM
  • Frame capture to buffer, BMP, JPEG, and PNG files
  • Video processing and effects
  • graphic overlay
  • text overlay
  • brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.
  • deinterlace
  • denoise
  • a lot of other effects
  • Video capture device control
  • video input
  • video format
  • frame rate
  • camera control (brightness, saturation, etc.)
  • Motion detection
  • Multiply output screens support
  • GPU-accelerated video effects using OpenGL
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