.Net SDKs v12 has been released! What's new?

  • Async / await API for all SDK's
  • Breaking API change: All time-related API now uses TimeSpan instead long (milliseconds)
  • Tag reader/writer - correct logo loading for some video formats
  • Removed legacy DirectX 9 video effects
  • Fixed audio conversion progress issue in Video Edit SDK .Net
  • Improved .Net Core compatibility
  • Virtual Camera SDK output added to Media Player SDK .Net (as one of the video renderers)
  • NewTek NDI devices support added to Video Capture SDK .Net as a new engine for IP cameras
  • Added Video_Effects_MergeImageLogos and Video_Effects_MergeTextLogos properties. If you have 3 or more logos you can set this property to true to optimize video effects performance
  • Added playlist type option for HLS network streaming
  • Added integrated lightweight HTTP server for HLS network streaming
  • Added VR 360° videos support in Media Player SDK .Net
  • Improved DirectX 11 video processing
  • Added MPEG-TS AAC-only no video support for MPEG-TS output
  • Improved What You Hear audio source
  • Several new demo applications
  • Improved MP4 v11 output
  • Separate capture for MP4 v11 can split files without frame loose
  • Many minor bugfixes
  • .Net Core assemblies updated to .Net Core 3.1 LTS
  • Updated demos repository on GitHub
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