.Net SDKs v12.1 has been released! What's new?

  • Migrated to .Net 4.6
  • Added Debug_DisableMessageDialogs property to disable error dialog if OnError event is not implemented.
  • Fixed issue with resize on pause for WPF controls.
  • Updated ONVIF engine in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Updated What You Hear source in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Added OnPause/OnResume events
  • Updated YouTube demo in Media Player SDK .Net
  • Improved support of webcams with integrated H264 encoder in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Updated VLC source
  • Removed unwanted warning in MP4 v11 output
  • One installer for TRIAL and FULL versions
  • Same NuGet packages for TRIAL and FULL versions
  • .Net Core NuGet packaged merged with .Net Framework package
  • Added NuGet redists. Deployment never was so simple!
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