.Net SDKs v11.4 has been released! What's new?

  • Added ASP.Net MVC video conversion demo app to Video Edit SDK .Net
  • Alternative OSD implementation to handle Windows 10 changes
  • Updated GPU video effects
  • Updated memory source in Media Player SDK .Net
  • Updated OSD API Resolved issues with video encryption using binary keys
  • Updated screen capture demos for Video Capture SDK .Net, added window selection to capture. You can capture any window, including a window in the background
  • Mosaic effect added for Computer Vision demo in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Added Multiple IP Cameras Demo (WPF) in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Added custom video resize option for MP4v11 output
  • Merge module (MSM) redists added to all SDK's
  • Updated FFMPEG.exe output using pipes instead of virtual devices
  • Resolved issue with PIP custom output resolution option in Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Resolved issue with file lock using LAV engine in Media Player SDK .Net
  • Added DirectX 11 based GPU video processing
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