.Net SDKs v10.4 has been released!!! What's new?

  • Updated logging
  • Object_Detection property renamed to Motion_DetectionEx, with updated parameters
  • Added IP cameras database to demo apps
  • Added ONVIF cameras support (including PTZ control and profile selection)
  • Added I420 video format support
  • Added chroma-key for video mixing, to mix chroma-key and background video streams
  • Added SDK demos code to GitHub and SDK packages to NuGet
  • Added face tracking to Media Player SDK
  • Updated video effects filter to support odd width and height
  • Added console demo to Video Edit SDK
  • Updated URL availability check for IP cameras
  • Added YouTube videos playback
  • Resolved issue with separate capture, split by size
  • Added MJPEG decoder filter
  • Added 4K webcams support
  • Added MP4 output using CPU, Nvidia NVENC, Intel QuickSync, and AMD Radeon encoders using Media Foundation API
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