Video Edit SDK for Mac

Video Edit SDK for Mac allows to join, split and edit video files. MOV and MP4 output formats are supported. You can add image and text overlays, specify the part of each file to be added.

VisioForge Video Edit SDK for Mac features include:

  • Video output to
    • MP4 (using H264 / AAC codecs)
    • MOV (using H264 / AAC and Apple codecs)
  • Frame capture to the frame buffer, BMP, JPEG, and PNG files
  • Video processing and effects
    • graphic overlay
    • text overlay
    • brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.
    • deinterlace
    • denoise
    • a lot of other effects
  • Multiply output screens support
  • GPU-accelerated video effects using OpenGL
API and demo applications for XCode (ObjectiveC) are available.

Development platforms

XCode 12 and later.

System requirements

Mac OS X Mavericks and later are supported. Right now, only x86-64 CPU architecture is supported. Please contact us to get an ARM build.

Distribution rights

Royalty-free distribution.

Trial limitations

The trial version overlays a nag-screen over the video window. This is the only limitation.

Purchase of Video Edit SDK for Mac will give you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited usage
  • No nag-screen
  • Free minor and major upgrades within one year (after one year, SDK will work the same as before) for a regular license and unlimited updates for unlimited time for the lifetime license
  • Priority support and fixes
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