.Net SDKs v15.5 has been released! What's new?

  • .Net 7 support
  • Added NetworkDisconnect event support to MJPEG Low Latency IP camera engine
  • Added Linux support for VideoEditCoreX based demos
  • Added OnRTSPLowLatencyRAWFrame event to get RAW frames from RTSP stream, using RTSP Low Latency engine
  • Added AutoTransitions property to the VideoEditCoreX engine
  • System.Drawing.Rectangle and System.Drawing.Size types are replaced by VisioForge.Types.Rectangle and VisioForge.Types.Size in all crossplatform APIs
  • MAUI samples (BETA) are added
  • Improved compatibility with Snap Camera for MP4 HW encoding
  • Online licensing updated
  • Added Camera Light demo
  • Added segments support in Media Player SDK .Net (Cross-platform engine)
  • Added Playlist API in Media Player SDK .Net (Windows-only engine)
  • Resolved issues with "rtsp_source_create_audio_resampler" call in the RTSP Low Latency engine in Video Capture SDK .Net (Windows-only engine)
  • Added support for multiple Decklink outputs in Video Capture SDK .Net and Video Edit SDK .Net  (Windows-only engine)
  • Resolved issues with reverse playback engine in Media Player SDK .Net (Windows-only engine)
  • ONVIFControl and other ONVIF-related APIs are available for all platforms
  • API breaking change: the frame rate changed from double to VideoFrameRate in all APIs
  • Added GPU HW decoding for VLC engine
  • Resolved issue with WPF HighDPI apps that use EVR
  • Resolved issue with MediaPlayerCore.Video_Renderer_SetCustomWindowHandle method
  • Added previous frame playback in Media Player SDK .Net (Cross-platform engine)
  • Added WPF Screen Capture Demo to Media Blocks SDK .Net
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