.Net SDKs v15.4 has been released! What's new?

  • Resolved an issue with ignored Play_PauseAtFirstFrame property
  • Updated HighDPI support in WinForms samples
  • Resolved an issue with HighDPI support for Direct2D video renderer
  • Added additional API to ONVIFControl class: GetDeviceCapabilities, GetMediaEndpoints
  • Resolved forced reencoding issue with FFMPEG files join without reencoding
  • Sentry update
  • Added video interpolation settings for Zoom and Pan video effects
  • Added GtkSharp UI framework support for video rendering
  • FastEdit API has been changed to async
  • Resolved screen flip issue with Video_Effects_AllowMultipleStreams property of Video Capture SDK .Net core
  • Updated RTSP MultiView demo (added GPU decoding, added RAW streams access)
  • Added OnLoop event into Media Player SDK .Net
  • Added Loop feature into Media Blocks SDK .Net
  • Avalonia VideoView downgrade to 0.10.12 because of Avalonia UI problems with NativeControl
  • Added File Encryptor demo for Video Edit SDK .Net
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