.Net SDKs v15.1 has been released! What's new?

VisioForge SDKs are going crossplatform! v15.1 contains Media Player SDK .Net with Android support. We're planning to add iOS/macOS support within December and create crossplatform versions of other SDKs within the first 3 months of 2022.

  • Disabled Sentry debug messages in the console
  • Added Icecast streaming
  • VideoStreamInfo.FrameRate property type changed to VideoFrameRate (with numerator and denominator) from double
  • Updated WPF VideoView, resolved the issue for IP cameras stream playback
  • API breaking change: VisioForge.Controls, VisioForge.Controls.UI, VisioForge.Controls.UI.Dialogs, and VisioForge.Tools merged inside VisioForge.Core
  • Audio effect API now uses string name instead of index
  • Added Android support in Media Player SDK .Net
  • Added new GStreamer-based crossplatform engine to support Windows and other platforms within v15 development cycle
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