.Net SDKs v14.2 has been released! What's new?

  • An issue with audio stream capture with enabled Virtual Camera SDK output was resolved
  • VFMP4v8v10Output was replaced with VFMP4Output
  • The "CanStart" method was added for Video_CaptureDevicesInfo items. The method returns true if the device can start and is not used exclusively in another app
  • Added async/await API to the ONVIFControl
  • An issue with wrong ColorKey processing in the Text Overlay video effect was resolved
  • Added forced frame rate support for the RTSP Low Latency IP camera source
  • MP4v11 AMD encoders were updated
  • Timestamp issue happened during MP4v11 separate capture pause/resume was resolved
  • FFMPEG.exe network streaming update
  • FFMPEG output was updated to the latest FFMPEG version
  • VC++ redist is no longer required to be installed. VC++ linking changed to static (except optional XIPH output)
  • Many base DirectShow filters moved to the VisioForge_BaseFilters module
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