.Net SDKs v14.1 has been released! What's new?

  • Added WPF VideoView control. You can push video frames from the OnVideoFrameBuffer event to control to render them
  • Correct default transparency value for a text logo
  • ONVIF support added to .Net 5 / .Net Core 3.1 builds
  • Added IP_Camera_ONVIF_ListSourcesAsync method to discover ONVIF cameras in the local network
  • (BREAKING API CHANGE) Changed video capture device API for frame rates enumerating to support modern 4K cameras
  • Updated MJPEG Decoder (improved performance)
  • Removed MP4 v8 legacy encoders
  • INotifyPropertyChanged support in WinForms/WPF wrappers to provide MVVM applications support
  • Resolved issue with RTMPS streaming to the Facebook
  • IP camera source added to the TimeShift demo
  • Added separate output support for MOV
  • Added faststart FFMPEG flag for MP4v11 output that used FFMPEG MP4 muxer
  • Added GPU decoding for the IP Camera source in demo applications
  • Added CustomRedist_DisableDialog property to disable redist message dialog
  • Removed Kinect assemblies and demos. Please contact us if you still need Kinect packages
  • MP4v10 default profile has been changed to Baseline / 5.0 for better browsers compatibility
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