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.Net SDK's 8.6 has been released! What's new?

  • Added video H264 CPU / Intel QuickSync decoder
  • Added audio capture from speakers (Video Capture SDK)
  • Added FLAC output
  • Added CaptureScreenToImage / CaptureWindowToImage API (Video Capture SDK)
  • Updated LAME encoder, now available for x64
  • API update - Audio_LAME_... properties renamed to LAME_...
  • Added custom DirectShow video filters support in Media Player SDK
  • Added OnNewFilePlaybackStarted event in Media Player SDK
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis encoder / decoder
  • Added Ogg Vorbis output for Video Capture SDK .Net
  • Added UYVY video format support on input
  • Added Speex output
  • Updated WebM output, with VP9 support
  • Added WebM decoders
  • Frame grabber API changes
  • Minor bugfixes

Supported technologies


.Net Framework

Microsoft .Net Windows Forms and WPF native controls.




Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero Delphi packages.



Visual C++, Visual Basic, C++ Builder, etc.



Visual Basic 6

Full featured demo applications. Full VB6 support.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Apple Mac OS X Mavericks / XCode Cocoa.


Windows RT

Windows RT

Usage in x86/x64/ARM Windows RT applications.


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We are a call center and use the visioforge control to record 100% of our agents while they are in call. This product is easier to use, works better, and with Roman providing both responsive and amazing support it has changed our recording solution for the better. Thanks!! Andrew Parisio I Senior I.T. Systems Engineer Video Edit and Video Capture SDKs were very stable, and packed with excellent features for any developer out there. Customer service was A+ so far. Thank you, for such a great products. One happy customer: MRZ Media, Alexander Moroz, Denver, USA (VB 6, NET Developer I really liked your Video Edit SDK, the wonderful features it supports like the audio mixing. And yes the client support is another excellent thing considering the fact that extream development like video prosessing will need good support where you meet all the needs. Santhosh V., .NET developer, Xminds Solutions, India