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Our demo app is a fully functional media monitoring tool that can be used for ad tracking and broadcast media monitoring. It enables the detection of ad samples in a broadcast dump. You can also use this application, along with our Video Fingerprinting SDK, to build your own product or service for TV broadcast monitoring or integrate it into an existing service.
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The future of media monitoring

Companies who buy air time on broadcast TV channels to run commercials need a way to make sure the ads are played the correct number of times and at the right times according to the contract. For example, perhaps the contract calls for the commercial to appear 6 times a day, including no fewer than three commercials to be run between 6 pm and 10 pm.

Often, the advertiser will contact a media monitoring company that provides services for TV ad verification. In order to provide this service, the media monitoring company generally has to hire a person who is then assigned to sit in front of a TV and monitor the channel, recording the times and dates when the ad is aired. As you can imagine, this task requires a lot of tedious, manual effort and a lot of person-hours and is therefore very expensive.

Our media monitoring tool automates this process of TV ad verification. Using our software, a company can do away with the costly staff and let the program do the work instead and gain a significant competitive advantage over other media monitoring companies.

How it works

Our Media Monitoring Tool is able to detect when a reference sample video is played in a recorded TV broadcast, so it is no longer necessary to pay someone to watch TV 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The TV broadcast stream is recorded as an array of 5-minute long video files, and then they are compared to the specified sample reference video, such as the commercial to be tracked. The application will automatically detect all inclusions of the specified video in the recorded files and provide a list of the video files containing the commercial.

Our Media Monitoring Tool lets you automate the process of TV broadcast monitoring. It reduces the amount of personnel needed and the associated labor costs. And taking advantage of the content-based automated video search will also improve accuracy. It will even allow you to provide your clients with digital proof of commercial playback without any manual work.​

The process begins by recording the broadcast stream as a series of five-minute videos. The Media Monitoring Tool analyzes the captured content and finds all instances of the client’s commercial. The results are presented as a list of thumbnails highlighting the clips containing the commercial.


  • Accurate results – The program’s content-based video search technology ensures accuracy and speed. The algorithm quickly and accurately identifies all instances of the reference video in the recorded broadcast video stream without any human intervention and no human error.​
  • Reduced costs – Because you no longer have to pay people to sit and stare at a TV screen and manually record the details of when the commercial is aired, your costs of operation are dramatically reduced.
  • ​Easy of use – The program's easy-to-learn intuitive interface allows custom searches to be defined and performed in seconds. The user just selects the folder that contains the broadcast dump and specifies the video reference samples containing the ads to be identified. The program does the rest.

System requirements

  • Compatible with computers running Windows 7 or later. Also, we have QT/C++ based Linux version of MMT.
  • An Intel i3 CPU / AMD analog, 1 GB of RAM is required

Customization, source codes, and fully automated solutions

In addition to the installable Windows application, you can purchase the source codes of the Media Monitoring Tool, request customizations and improvements, or assist with integrating it with your system.​ The Media Monitoring Tool is a semi-automated solution. It requires you to record the TV broadcast stream, run the software, and specify all the reference video samples to be identified in the search. It then provides a text report you can use for further processing.​ We can develop a fully automated solution to do all of this for you: record a specified video stream, or monitor a specified folder for new broadcast dump files, detect sample ads, and create daily reports. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements to find the solution that best meets your specific needs.

Trial limitations

The trial version displays a watermark on the video window.

MMT / MMT Live tools are free for any usage. Source code available on Video Fingerprinting SDK page.

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