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.Net SDKs usage with JetBrains Rider

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net, Video Edit SDK .Net, Media Player SDK .Net

This tutorial describes how to install VisioForge .Net SDKs into JetBrains Rider.

We'll use the Windows application as an example. You can use the same steps for the macOS, iOS, or Android applications.

Rider is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Create the project (we use WPF). Use the modern project format

screenshot 1

Add NuGet packages

Select the Manage NuGet packages menu item.

Add the main product package

Each VisioForge SDK has a main package. For example, Media Blocks SDK has VisioForge.DotNet.MediaBlocks package.

screenshot 5

Available NuGet packages:

Add the UI package

We'll add the WPF UI package as an example. You can add the WinForms UI package in the same way.

screenshot 4

Available NuGet UI packages:

Add the VideoView to the main window (Optional)

If we want the video preview in your application, you need to add the VideoView control. You can add it in the XAML code or the code-behind file.

Let's add it to the XAML code.

Add the new namespace.


Add the VideoView control.


Add the required redist packages

Depending on the platform, product, and used engine, you may need to add additional redist packages.

Please check the Deployment page for the selected product for more information.

Visit our GitHub page to get more code samples.