Select video and audio capture devices in Video Capture SDK .Net

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Video Capture SDK .Net

You can download the sample project from GitHub.

Sample code

Select video source

1. Get a list of available video capture devices, fill combo-box

foreach (var device in VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevices)

2. Create video source device settings

VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice = new VideoCaptureSource(cbVideoInputDevice.Text);

3. Get a list of available video formats and frame rates, fill combo-box

var deviceItem = VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevices.First(device => device.Name == cbVideoInputDevice.Text);
if (deviceItem == null)

foreach (string format in deviceItem.VideoFormats)

foreach (string frameRate in deviceItem.VideoFrameRates) 

4. Select video format

VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice.Format = cbVideoInputFormat.Text;

or automatically choose the best video format.

VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice.Format_UseBest = true;

5. Select frame rate

VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice.FrameRate = Convert.ToDouble(cbVideoFrameRate.Text);

6. Select needed video input (configure crossbar) if needed

Select audio source

1. Get a list of available audio capture devices, fill combo-box

foreach (var device in VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevices)

2. Create audio source device settings

VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice = new AudioCaptureSource(cbAudioInputDevice.Text);

3. Get a list of available audio formats, fill combo-box

var deviceItem = VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevices.FirstOrDefault(device => device.Name == cbAudioInputDevice.Text);

if (deviceItem != null)
  foreach (string format in deviceItem.Formats)

2. Select format

VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice.Format = cbAudioInputFormat.Text;

or automatically choose the best audio format

VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice.Format_UseBest = true;

3. Select input (line)

VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice.Line = cbAudioInputLine.Text;
Please contact support to get help with this tutorial. Visit our GitHub page to get more code samples.
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