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  • Compatibility with VisioForge .Net SDKs 11.4
  • Updated Nvidia NVENC support for H264 and H265 video encoders
  • Updated Intel QuickSync support for H264 video encoder
  • NV12 colorspace support for better performance


  • Compatibility with VisioForge .Net SDKs 11.0
  • Improved GPU encoders support
  • Updated AAC encoder support


  • Compatibility with VisioForge .Net SDKs 10.0
  • Improved compatibility with H264 and H265 video formats
  • Added AMD AMF support
  • Added Intel QuickSync support


  • Improved encryption speed
  • Support CPU hardware acceleration
  • New engine based on AES-256 encryption
  • File usage as a key (binary array supported, too)
  • Added NVENC support
  • Updated AAC HE encoder support


  • Updated encoders
  • Improved filter encryption speed


  • Initial release as an independent product. Previously, the Video Encryption SDK was a part of the Video Capture SDK, Video Edit SDK, and Media Player SDK. You can use SDK in any DirectShow application without any other VisioForge SDK usage.