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FFMPEG Source DirectShow Filter

The FFMPEG Source DirectShow filter facilitates the decoding and playback of video and audio files within any DirectShow application. The SDK comes equipped with the required FFMPEG DLLs and a DirectShow filter that offers standard file selection and tailored interface capabilities.

The filter supports a wide range of video and audio formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and many others. File and network (RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/UDP/TCP) sources are supported.

You can process video and audio streams using the Processing Filters pack or any other DirectShow filters.

SDK contains sample apps for .Net (with DirectShowNet library usage), C++, and Delphi (with DSPack usage).

Read more about the filter on the product page.

Supported standard DirectShow interfaces

  • IAMStreamSelect - video and audio stream selection if the source file has multiple streams
  • IAMStreamConfig - video and audio settings
  • IFileSourceFilter - filename or URL setting
  • IMediaSeeking - seeking
  • ISpecifyPropertyPages - property pages



  • Updated FFMPEG libraries
  • GPU decoding support


  • Updated FFMPEG libraries


  • Updated FFMPEG libraries


  • Updated FFMPEG libraries


  • Updated FFMPEG libraries


  • Updated FFMPEG libraries


  • Initial release as an independent product