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Video Encryption SDK

The Video Encryption SDK enables the encoding of video files into the MP4 H264/AAC format and the ability to encrypt these files using a chosen password or binary data.

Included within the SDK is a set of DirectShow filters designed for seamless integration into any DirectShow application, complete with interfaces that allow for the customization of filter settings to accommodate specific encryption requirements.

You can use SDK in DirectShow applications as filters for data encryption and decryption. SDK is compatible with live and file-based video sources. You can use software video encoders or GPU video encoders provided in the DirectShow Encoding Filters pack, which is available for purchase separately. Also, you can use any 3rd-party DirectShow filters for video encoding.


  • Encrypt/decrypt video files or capture streams
  • H264 encoder support for video
  • AAC encoder support for audio
  • Encryption using binary data or string password


SDK has samples for C#, C++, and Delphi. You can use these samples as a reference for your own application development.

Also, you can check the Video Encryptor app, which is provided with SDK.