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How to find one video fragment in another

.Net / C# API

Get search fingerprints for both files using the search engine, full file analyze

// Analyze fragment file (small)
VFPFingerPrint fp1 = VFPAnalyzer.GetSearchFingerprintForVideoFile(filename1, VFMediaPlayerSource.File_DS, 10, true);

// Analyze main file (big)
VFPFingerPrint fp2 = VFPAnalyzer.GetSearchFingerprintForVideoFile(filename2, VFMediaPlayerSource.File_DS, 10, true);

Search one fingerprint in another

bool found = VFPAnalyzer.Search(fp1, fp2, difference, out position);

Save the fingerprint to the small binary file

VFPFingerPrint fp1 = ...;


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