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How to compare two video files

.Net API

Get comparing fingerprints for two video files, using the DirectShow engine, for the first 5 seconds for each file.

VFPFingerPrint fp1 = VFPAnalyzer.GetComparingFingerprintForVideoFile(filename1, VFMediaPlayerSource.File_DS, 5, false);
VFPFingerPrint fp2 = VFPAnalyzer.GetComparingFingerprintForVideoFile(filename2, VFMediaPlayerSource.File_DS, 5, false);

Find the difference between files, with a possible shift of 5 seconds.

int diff = VFPAnalyzer.Compare(fp1, fp2, (int)5);

Save the fingerprint to the small binary file.

VFPFingerPrint fp1 = ...;


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