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ASF and WMV files indexing

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net, Video Edit SDK .Net, Media Player SDK .Net

Sample code

Some ASF and WMV files do not have indexes. That causes seeking issues. You can use VisioForge.Tools.ASFIndexer class to index files.

C# sample usage:

            var indexer = new ASFIndexer();
indexer.OnStop += delegate(object o, EventArgs args)
MessageBox.Show("Indexing complete.");

indexer.OnError += delegate(object o, ErrorsEventArgs args)
MessageBox.Show("Error during indexing: " + args.Message);

indexer.OnProgress += delegate(object o, ProgressEventArgs args)
Debug.WriteLine("Indexing progress: " + args.Progress);

indexer.Start(@"c:\samples\sample.asf", WMIndexerType.FrameNumbers, 4000, WMIndexType.NearestDataUnit);

Required redists

  • SDK redist

How to install required redists or deploy them to the user's PC?

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