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Delphi package installation problem with .otares

Troubleshooting Delphi Package Installation: .otares File Not Found Error

If you are encountering an error related to a missing .otares file during the installation of a Delphi package, it can be quite frustrating. This guide aims to help you resolve the issue efficiently.

Error Example

During the compilation or installation process, you might see an error message similar to this:

**[dcc32 Error] E1026 File not found: ‘VisioForge_VideoCapture_Package_6.otares’**

Steps to Resolve the Error

The error indicates that the Delphi compiler is unable to locate the specified .otares file. This file is typically associated with resources or components necessary for the package. To resolve this issue, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Locate the .dpk File: Identify and open the .dpk (Delphi package) file that you are trying to install. This file contains the package's configuration and references to necessary resources.

  2. Remove the $R Line: Within the .dpk file, look for lines that begin with $R. These lines are used to include resource files in the package. The error suggests that the referenced .otares file is either missing or incorrectly specified. To fix this, you need to remove or comment out the line that references the problematic .otares file. For example:

    // Original line that might be causing the error
    $R 'VisioForge_VideoCapture_Package_6.otares'

    // Modify by commenting out or removing the line
    // $R 'VisioForge_VideoCapture_Package_6.otares'
  3. Save Changes: After removing or commenting out the problematic $R line, save the changes to the .dpk file.

  4. Rebuild the Package: Reattempt to compile or install the package. With the $R line removed, the compiler should no longer search for the missing .otares file, thus bypassing the error.

Please contact support to get help with this tutorial.