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Audio sample grabber usage

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net, Video Edit SDK .Net, Media Player SDK .Net

VideoCaptureCore, MediaPlayerCore, VideoEditCore engines

You can get audio frames from live sources or files using the OnAudioFrameBuffer event.

The OnAudioFrameBuffer event provides the unmanaged memory pointer for the decoded frame. Usually, it is PCM audio data, but it can also be IEEE audio data.

Frame event args contain the channel count, sample rate, audio format, timestamp, and other information.

Sample code

Set the Audio_Sample_Grabber_Enabled property to true to enable the event (not required for VideoEditCore) and create the event handler.

// enable audio sample grabber
VideoCapture1.Audio_Sample_Grabber_Enabled = true;

// create event handler
VideoCapture1.OnAudioFrameBuffer += VideoCapture1_OnAudioFrameBuffer;

Process audio frames in the OnAudioFrameBuffer event.

using VisioForge.Types;

private void VideoCapture1_OnAudioFrameBuffer(object sender, AudioFrameBufferEventArgs e)
// you can process audio here

// write audio info
Debug.WriteLine("Audio frame: " + e.Frame.DataSize + " bytes; Format: " + e.Frame.Info.ToString());

// process data
// e.Frame.Data (IntPtr) contains audio data in PCM format

Also, you can use the GetDataArray method of AudioFrame to get the copy of audio data as an array.

Required redists

  • SDK redist

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