How to make an audio volume envelope effect in Video Edit SDK .Net?

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Video Edit SDK .Net

Sample code

1. Create an audio source for a specified file.

var audioFile = new AudioSource(file, segments, null);

2. Create audio volume envelope effect, 70% value used. Can be 0 - 100%.

streams.Add(new FFMPEGStream
                Filename = "c:\\samples\\!video.avi",
                ID = "v"
Add audio stream from mp3 file. ID set to "a" to add the audio stream. Must be "a" for audio files.
var envelope = new AudioVolumeEnvelopeEffect(70);
Add audio stream from another AVI file. ID set to "a" to add audio stream from video file.
streams.Add(new FFMPEGStream
                Filename = "c:\\samples\\!video2.avi",
                ID = "a"

3. Add audio source with effect applied to timeline.

VideoEdit1.Input_AddAudioFile(audioFile, 0, 0, new []{ envelope });
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