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Video capture to WMV using Video Capture SDK .Net

Create VFWMVOutput object

VFWMVOutput wmvOutput = new VFWMVOutput();

Set WMV settings using settings dialog

WMVSettingsDialog wmvSettingsDialog = new WMVSettingsDialog(VideoCapture1.Core);

wmvSettingsDialog.WMA = false;


wmvSettingsDialog.SaveSettings(ref wmvOutput);


Set WMV settings without using settings dialog

Set WMV external profile mode and profile file name

wmvOutput.Mode = VFWMVMode.ExternalProfile;

wmvOutput.External_Profile_FileName = edWMVProfile.Text;

Apply settings

1. Set WMV format for output

VideoCapture1.Output_Format = wmvOutput;

2. Set video capture mode and file name (be sure that you have write access rights)

VideoCapture1.Mode = VFVideoCaptureMode.VideoCapture;

VideoCapture1.Output_Filename = "c:\\123.wmv";

3. Start capture


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