Video Capture SDK .Net usage without window

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Video Capture SDK .Net

Video rendering can be disabled to use SDK in console or service application.

C# sample code:

private VideoCapture videoCapture;

private void SampleMethod()
  if (videoCapture == null)
    videoCapture = new VideoCapture();

    videoCapture.Video_CaptureDevice = "camera name";
    videoCapture.Video_CaptureFormat_UseBest = true;

    videoCapture.Audio_CaptureDevice = "mic name";
    videoCapture.Audio_CaptureFormat_UseBest = true;
    videoCapture.Video_Renderer.Video_Renderer = VFVideoRenderer.None;

    videoCapture.Mode = VFVideoCaptureMode.VideoCapture;
    videoCapture.Output_Format = new VFMP4v8v10Output();

    videoCapture.Output_Filename = "c:\\vf\\output.mp4";

    videoCapture = null;
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