Camera control and PTZ in Video Capture SDK .Net

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Video Capture SDK .Net

Using Camera Control API, you can set the following camera parameters (camera can support only some of them): Pan, Tilt, Roll, Zoom, Exposure, Iris, Focus.​

​Camera Control API should be used with started camera preview or capture.

Sample code

On the form, we are using several checkboxes, labels, and slider control. You can check the Main Demo source code.

1. Read default values and command ranges.

int max;
int defaultValue;
int min;
int step;
CameraControlFlags flags;

if (await VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CameraControl_GetRangeAsync(
    CameraControlProperty.Zoom, out min, out max, out step, out defaultValue, out flags))
    // set slider range
    tbCCZoom.Minimum = min;
    tbCCZoom.Maximum = max;
    tbCCZoom.SmallChange = step;
    tbCCZoom.Value = defaultValue;

    // set min, max and current values on labels
    lbCCZoomMin.Text = "Min: " + Convert.ToString(min);
    lbCCZoomMax.Text = "Max: " + Convert.ToString(max);
    lbCCZoomCurrent.Text = "Current: " + Convert.ToString(defaultValue);

    // set command checkboxes
    cbCCZoomManual.Checked = (flags & CameraControlFlags.Manual) == CameraControlFlags.Manual;
    cbCCZoomAuto.Checked = (flags & CameraControlFlags.Auto) == CameraControlFlags.Auto;
    cbCCZoomRelative.Checked = (flags & CameraControlFlags.Relative) == CameraControlFlags.Relative;

If the Auto flag is set, all other flags and values will be ignored.

2. Apply value set on slider (Auto checkbox should be disabled to set manual value or enabled to set camera default value).

CameraControlFlags flags = CameraControlFlags.None;

if (cbCCZoomManual.Checked)
    flags = flags | CameraControlFlags.Manual;

if (cbCCZoomAuto.Checked)
    flags = flags | CameraControlFlags.Auto;

if (cbCCZoomRelative.Checked)
    flags = flags | CameraControlFlags.Relative;

await VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CameraControl_SetAsync(CameraControlProperty.Zoom, tbCCZoom.Value, flags);
Please contact support to get help with this tutorial. Visit our GitHub page to get more code samples.
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