How to capture audio from the output device (speakers) in Video Capture SDK .Net?

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Video Capture SDK .Net

Sample code

1. Set audio capture source to “VisioForge What You Hear Source” to use audio loopback and capture sound from speakers.

VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice = new AudioCaptureSource("VisioForge What You Hear Source");
VideoCapture1.Audio_CaptureDevice.Format_UseBest = true;

2. Set audio capture mode

VideoCapture1.Audio_RecordAudio = true;
VideoCapture1.Audio_PlayAudio = true;

VideoCapture1.Mode = VideoCaptureMode.AudioCapture;

3. Set audio output to MP3 (with default parameters)

VideoCapture1.Output_Format = new MP3Output();
VideoCapture1.Output_Filename = "output.mp3";

4. Start capture (sync or async)

await VideoCapture1.StartAsync();
Please contact support to get help with this tutorial. Visit our GitHub page to get more code samples.
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