Deployment of Video Capture SDK (Delphi/ActiveX)

To use SDK on PC without SDK installed you must deploy SDK components.

Automatic (silent) installers (admin rights required)

  • Base package (always required) - Delphi or ActiveX

  • FFMPEG package (for file / IP camera source) - x86

  • MP4 output package - x86

  • VLC source package (for file / IP camera source) - x86

Manual installation (admin rights required)

  1. Install VC++ 2010 SP1 redist x86 x64

  2. Copy MFP DLL's from Redist\Filters to application folder

  3. Copy and COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) OCX file if you are using ActiveX SDK

  4. Copy and COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) SDK DirectShow filters:,,,,,,,,,

  5. Add folder with filters to system environment variable PATH if your application exe file in another folder

  • To install FFMPEG: Copy all files from Redist\FFMPEG folder, add this folder to Windows system PATH variable, register .ax files from Redist\FFMPEG folder.

  • To install VLC: Copy all files from Redist\VLC folder, COM-register (using regsvr32.exe or any other way) .ax file, add environment variable VLC_PLUGIN_PATH, specify value as VLC\plugins folder.

  • For LAME output: Copy from Redist\Formats folder, register file.

  • For WebM support (encoding and decoding): Free codecs from website .

  • For Matroska support (encoding and decoding)): Use Haali Matroska Splitter .

  • For MP4 H264 / AAC output, modern encoder: libmfxsw32.dll / libmfxsw64.dll files to copy, / / / files to register.

  • For MP4 H264 / AAC output, legacy encoder: libmfxxp32.dll / libmfxxp64.dll files to copy, / / / files to register.

To COM-register all DirectShow filters in some folder you can also put reg_special.exe from SDK redist to folder with filters and run it with admin rights.

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