Draw text overlay using OnVideoFrameBuffer event

If video effect API to draw text overlay if not enough you can draw overlay manually in OnVideoFrameBuffer, using ImageHelper API.
        private void SDK_OnVideoFrameBuffer(object sender, VideoFrameBufferEventArgs e)
            if (!logoInitiated)
                logoInitiated = true;


            MFP.AddTextLogo(null, e.Frame.Data, e.Frame.Width, e.Frame.Height, ref textLogo, e.Timestamp, 0);

        private bool logoInitiated = false;

        private VFVideoEffectTextLogo textLogo = null;

        private void InitTextLogo()
            textLogo = new VFVideoEffectTextLogo(true);
            textLogo.Text = "Hello world!";
            textLogo.Left = 50;
            textLogo.Top = 50;
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