How to configure IIS Smooth Streaming in SDK demo application?

Currently IIS Smooth Streaming supported in Video Capture SDK .Net and Video Edit SDK .Net. We’ll use Main Demo application.
First, you must configure IIS server to support Smooth Streaming.
1. Install Web Platform Installer. ​
2. Install IIS Media Services. ​

3. Open IIS Manager. ​
4. Open Live Smooth Streaming Publishing Points item. Add point. ​
5. Configure name like shown on screenshot.
6. Configure additional parameters. Enable checkbox like shown on picture.
7. Enable playback on mobile devices.

8. Download Smooth Streaming Player Silverlight control, provided by Microsoft. Unpack it. Copy .xap file to website folder, copy .html and rename to index.html. Open in text editor, replace initparams to this text.

9. Start publishing point.

10. Configure streaming settings in demo application. You must enable network streaming, specify Smooth Streaming to use, set publishing point URL. Start playback.

11. Now you can see that our SDK connected to IIS.
12. Open http://localhost/ in your browser.

For HTML5 streaming to iOS devices made the following HTML file.

Please contact support to get help with this tutorial. Visit our GitHub page to get more code samples.
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