Memory playback in Media Player SDK .Net

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Media Player SDK .Net
1. Create a stream based on existing file
var _fileStream = new FileStream(edFilename.Text, FileMode.Open);
var _stream = new ManagedIStream(_fileStream);

MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream = _stream;
MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream_Size = _fileStream.Length;
or from memory array (_memorySource is byte[])
var _memoryStream = new MemoryStream(_memorySource);
var _stream = new ManagedIStream(_memoryStream);

MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream = _stream;
MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream_Size = _memoryStream.Length;
2. Set audio and video availability flag
// true if video stream available
MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream_VideoPresent = true;

// true if audio stream available
MediaPlayer1.Source_Stream_AudioPresent = true;
3. Set mode
MediaPlayer1.Source_Mode = VFMediaPlayerSource.Memory_DS;
4. Start playback
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