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Camera video adjustments

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net

Using the VideoHardwareAdjustment class you can control camera settings like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc. If the camera does not support a specific property, the property will be ignored.

Use the Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_GetRangesAsync to get the range of values for a specific property. Use the Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_SetValueAsync method to set the property value. Use the Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_GetValueAsync method to get the current property value.

// get range

var range = await VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_GetRangesAsync(VideoHardwareAdjustment.Brightness);

// set value
var value = new VideoCaptureDeviceAdjustValue(/*...*/);
await VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_SetValueAsync(VideoHardwareAdjustment.Brightness, value);

// get value
var value = await VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_VideoAdjust_GetValueAsync(VideoHardwareAdjustment.Brightness);

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