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How to start capture without stopping the preview (separate capture)?

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net

Sample code

You can start and stop video capture without stopping the preview.

1. Enable separate capture

VideoCapture1.SeparateCapture_Enabled = cbSeparateCaptureEnabled.Checked;

2. Enable Video Capture mode (or Screen Capture, etc.)

VideoCapture1.Mode = VideoCaptureMode.VideoCapture;

3. Set output format settings

VideoCapture1.Output_Format = ...

4. Start video capture/preview (real video capture not started at this moment)

await VideoCapture1.StartAsync();

5. Start real video capture

await VideoCapture1.SeparateCapture_StartAsync();

6. Stop real video capture if needed

await VideoCapture1.SeparateCapture_StopAsync();

or change the output file name on the fly

await VideoCapture1.SeparateCapture_ChangeFilenameOnTheFlyAsync("newfile.mp4");

Required redists

How to install the required redists or deploy them to the user's PC?

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