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Select video input (configure crossbar)

Products: Video Capture SDK .Net

Sample code

Some devices like TV Tuners and video capture cards have several hardware video inputs, for example, TV input and analog video input or analog video input, SDI input, and HDMI input.

1. Initialize video capture device crossbar

CrossBarFound = VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CrossBar_Init();

2. Get available inputs, fill combo-box (WinForms sample)


foreach (string s in VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CrossBar_GetInputsForOutput("Video Decoder"))

3. Clear current settings and apply selected input to Video Decoder

VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDevice_CrossBar_Connect(cbCrossbarVideoInput.Text, "Video Decoder", true);

Required redists

How to install the required redists or deploy them to the user's PC?

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