Video Edit SDK FFMPEG .Net Changelog


  • Updated audio fade-in/fade-out effects

  • Updated integrated JSON serializer

  • .Net Core support


  • Updated media information reader

  • MediaInfoNV renamed to MediaInfoReader

  • Improved logging

  • Fixed issue with Pan effect in x64 build

  • Fixed issue with Blur effect

  • Added standard tags support for video and audio files, including MP4, WMV, MP3, AAC, M4A, Ogg Vorbis and other formats. Media Player SDK can read tags, Video Capture SDK and Video Edit SDK can write tags

  • Added delayed start in all SDK's. This feature can be used to start multiple SDK controls almost at the same time. Check Start_DelayEnabled description

  • Audio effects now written on C# and can be used in x64 applications. Old effects usage saved as "legacy", if you will have some issues with a new filters or API

  • Error tracking now added to Visual Studio Output window, you'll see all errors that comes from OnError event (but without diagnostic information)

  • Added settings serialization to JSON format

  • GIF output in Video Edit SDK .Net / Video Capture SDK .Net

  • Added MP3 splitter to resolve issues with some MP3 files, that can't be playable using default splitter

  • VisioForge.Controls.WinForms and VisioForge.Controls.WPF assemblies now replaced by VisioForge.Controls.UI

  • Added ExecutableFilename property of VFFFMPEGEXEOutput to set custom FFMPEG.exe filename

  • Video effects seriously optimized for latest Intel CPU's


  • Added animated GIF support as image logo

  • Added SDK_Version / SDK_State properties to see SDK assemblies used version and registration info

  • Added licensing event to check required SDK edition


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Minor bugfixes

  • Updated FFMPEG


  • Initial release

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