.Net SDK's v11.1 has been released!!! What's new?

  • Fixed seeking issue with some MP4 files in Video Edit SDK

  • Fixed stretch / letterbox issue in WPF version of all SDK’s

  • Fixed issue with equalizer on sample rate 16000 or less

  • Fixed problem with sample grabber for DirectShow source in Media Player SDK

  • Fixed encrypted files playback in Media Player SDK

  • Added DVDInfoReader class to read info about DVD files

  • Resolved issue with wrong file name in OnSeparateCaptureStopped event

  • Improved barcode detection quality for rotated images

  • Minimal .Net Framework version is .Net 4.5 now

  • Improved YouTube playback in Media Player SDK. Added OnYouTubeVideoPlayback event to select video quality for playback

  • Added Play_PauseAtFirstFrame property in Media Player SDK .Net. If true playback will be paused on first frame

  • Multiple screen support in Screen Capture demo in Video Capture SDK .Net

  • Resolved issue with network streams playback in Media Player SDK .Net WPF applications

  • Added low latency HTTP MJPEG stream playback (IP cameras or other sources) in Video Capture SDK .Net

  • Added Fake Audio Source DirectShow filter, that produce tone signal

  • Updated Computer Vision demo in Video Capture SDK .Net

  • Added Frame_GetCurrentFromRenderer method to all SDK’s. Using this method you can get currently rendered video frame directly from video renderer.

  • Added low latency RTSP source playback in Video Capture SDK .Net

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