.Net SDK's 8.5 has been released! What's new?

  • New MP4 H264 / AAC output, worked on Windows 7 and later and have better optimization for Intel CPU's

  • New MP4 H264 CUDA / AAC output, for nVidia cards

  • Video rotation on-the-fly video effect

  • Updated FFMPEG encoder

  • Updated FFMPEG source

  • 4K-ready video effects

  • API change - renamed properties H264_CUDA_ to MP4_CUDA_

  • API change - video renderer related Screen_ properties renamed to Video_Renderer_...

  • VMR-9 / EVR Zoom shift bug fixed

  • Custom video renderer background color for all renderers

  • Direct2D video renderer with live video rotation (BETA)

  • Custom latency for audio capture device using Audio_CaptureDevice_CustomLatency property

  • Video Capture SDK .Net now have event for IP capture, that fired if network stream is disconnected (OnNetworkSourceStop event, FFMPEG source IP engine only)

  • WPF controls background image

  • Various bugfixes

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