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Reverse playback and play forward - MediaPlayer
I'm using Reverse_Playback to allow my users to backup in the video. However, when the user tries to resume playing forward after the reverse playback, the video does not play/resume. I assume it is p...
Jul 06 (19 days ago)
by Dan Hestand
Video Fingerprinting SDK .Net
Can I detect if some images of a video are contained in another video? What is the difference between "GetComparingFinegerprintForVideoFile - Compare" and "CompareVideoFiles"? T...
Apr 07 (3 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Functionality Required
I am Developing an Application using visioforge Trial Version, i need to develop following requirement • Streaming video ( play any URL from streaming site) • Webcam ( Show result of local ca...
Mar 13 (4 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
USB Device class, MediaPlayer configuration. WPF
Hello! I'm testing visioForge SDK on WPF platform and i have some problems. 1) In my project i need to have access to all camera device settings (USB device class) from VideoCapture1.Video_CaptureDev...
Feb 20 (5 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
We need to generate an html-compliant video so far What worked was with H.264 MP4, however the video was very Great, we tried various combinations but we could not reduce. Our intention is to use the ...
Feb 13 (5 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
We are trying to use mpeg4 to record video but when I select MPEG-4 on the FFMEG tab the message: "MP4 output using FFMPEG is no longer available. Please use visioforge MP4 output". The prob...
Feb 01 (5 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
unable to create filter: visioforge resize, video capture .net
1. I'm trying to capture video file from webcam device. Resolution described in Webcam input format is 1280x720. When I try to capture video with the same resolution with the input format, but it fa...
Oct 31 (8 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
По фильтру ip renderer
Роман, добрый день ! У вас есть в SDK фильтр позволяющий делать udp ? Как, к примеру, у elecard-а nwrenderer - https://yadi.sk/d/I0hwgu-ev6Rg2 Привет. Нет. Но можно использовать тот что вы привели ...
Sep 14 (10 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
can i capture youtube hd contents by capture card?
i want download youtube video. general youtube url is pasted in url box, youtube video is downloaded by parsing, but hd(1080) is impossible. so If we are useing this capture card. can download youtub...
Aug 23 (11 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Some Questions...
Hi, I´m starting a new project and I´m testing some Capture SDK to choose the aproprieted for me. I have some questions about VisioForge SDK, that I can´t found in sample applications or Help. 1 - It...
Jul 29 (11 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Hi How to give authenticated RTMP Url for streaming ? Hi Streaming using network streaming feature of SDK and ffmpeg.exe. Tats fine, I am asking how to authentication for RTMP Url Sorry, forget to a...
Jul 26 (11 months ago)
by Roman Minyaylov
Memory Leaks?
We have been experiencing random out of memory issues for some time in our .Net application. We used the Redgate ANTS memory profiler, and found Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation was occurring. Th...
Jul 19, 2016
by Roman Minyaylov
memory stream
Hello,Is possible to send a memory stream, i mean an array of bytes containing raw H264 samples to the mediaplayer control?
Mar 04, 2016
by Carlo Siniscalchi
Filter not register
Unable to add Video Effects filter. Usually that means that SDK is not deployed correctly. Please check Help file, Deployment aticle. Hi I've replied already about this issue. Please check Deployme...
Aug 28, 2015
by Roman Minyaylov